Win a Backgammon Match By Using the Doubling Cube

Whenever you play backgammon for money or for a prize (often during tournaments), you usually settle a match with an opponent over several games. Usually, you earn a point or a few points by winning one backgammon game. When backgammon players are able to achieve a predetermined amount of points they win the match.

When playing a match, you can get more points out of one backgammon game if you are able to double the stakes (or points) of a single game. Most of the time, a backgammon player who sees an obvious or clear advantage will propose to double the stakes. This is done by using a doubling cube - a special dice that is used in backgammon.

Players can use the doubling cube to double the points or stakes before they roll their dice on their turn. The player who was offered the doubling cube may accept offer to double or decline.

If the player who was offered a double accepts the offer then the game continues. The stakes of that single backgammon game are doubled. The doubling cube is then turned over to the next higher value than the one that was up before the doubling cube was accepted.

If the player who was offered a double passes on the opportunity, then the game ends with the player who offered the doubling cube winning the game automatically. That game will only have one point to its credit though.

If the backgammon player takes the offer then the stakes go up and the player who wins this game will gain two points. The player who accepts the offer gets to keep the doubling cube and has the right to raise the stakes even higher.

The value of a game can be redoubled over and over (i.e. the doubling cube will be offered back and forth between the two backgammon players during a backgammon game). The number of times the stakes or value of the game can be raised depends on the rules of your organization or web site you signed up with.

During a backgammon match, you will encounter a situation where one backgammon player would only need one more point to win. In this situation doubling is not allowed applying what is called the Crawford rule.

Using the doubling cube during a game of backgammon gets you to win more than just one point for a single game. Incorporating the use of the doubling cube adds strength to your backgammon strategy.