Curious Facts on Backgammon

Backgammon is one of the most popular games especially in online gambling. Yet few people are aware of some facts about backgammon. Here are some less-known information about the gambling game.

Backgammon has been around since 5000 years ago. There are indications this gambling game was played using animal bones as dice. One of the first known civilizations in world history, ancient Greek civilization, has records of backgammon being a favorite game in the empire since ancient days. Another is the Roman Empire, which also recorded statements of having the game as one of its favorite past time hobbies. Backgammon may have appeared differently in those times, with different rules and procedures. This gambling game's name was also most likely different. But the backgammon we have today is a modification of its ancient counterpart. The change to modern backgammon was done in England as early as the seventeenth century. This was the same time when this gambling game got its final name, "Backgammon."

In the early 1900s, backgammon had a further evolutionary phase added to it. This gambling game began to have the so-called "doubling cube." Since then, players began to have a choice of playing backgammon through checkers or doubling cubes. For a while this gambling game lost popularity in the scene of betting gambling games. But in the 1970s it was a gambler's favorite, in casinos and other game houses. Its popularity more than tripled with the advent of the Internet. Online backgammon became a by-word in the world of online gambling games. Due to its unmitigated popularity as a betting game, some sectors in the US Congress are contemplating on a ban on backgammon, along with other gambling games.

Backgammon is for two players. But another version of this gambling game for more than two players is Choutte. This is good for a group or club members. There are lots of advantages here. It is more thrilling and exciting playing with a group. It adds to being more sociable as compared to playing with just one player. Mostly, the rules vary depending on the practices and traditions inherent in a particular locality.

Backgammon became the subject of two odd paintings in the Gothic and Renaissance periods. Bosch, a famous painter of that era, titled his work, "The Garden of Earthly Delights" where backgammon was painted into one corner. Peter Bruegel also did this in his "The Triumph of Death" painting.

Backgammon is not just an exciting gambling game. It also has lots of interesting facts to reveal.