Building on Basic Backgammon Strategies

So you already know all the basic backgammon game strategies. Remember, though, that there is always something more to learn. You can still keep on improving your game. Here are more tips from experienced backgammon players.

The Backgammon Running Game

When implementing the backgammon running game, move your farthest checkers first and try to get all of your checkers out of your opponent's side and into your own as soon as possible. Your goal is to move quickly while trying to hit and avoiding being hit. If you get your checkers close to home fast, you prevent them from being blocked by your opponent's prime.

The Backgammon Holding Game

When you are playing a holding game, try to immediately secure the opponent's 5 point, also called the golden point, and stay there. If this is not possible, settle for your opponent's 4 point. Less advantageous is the 3 point. Do not take your opponent's 1 point and 2 point, though. Your checkers are needed for better use.

Using the same analysis, secure your own 5 point, too, before your opponent beats you to it. Next best is your 7 point before your 4 point. Securing these three points already prepares you for setting up a prime, which is a separate strategy.

Again, do not occupy your own 1 point, 2 point and 3 point early in the game because putting your checkers there will take them away from other more strategic positions.

The Backgammon Priming Game

In playing the priming game, it is strategic to build a full prime on your side of the board. After you have successfully occupied your 5 point, 7 point and 4 point, fill in your 6 point then your 8 point and 9 point. You have then effectively blocked your opponent from leaving. You have also by then made it very difficult for your opponent to re-enter the game from the bar.

If you are forced to break a prime, move the checker on the point farthest from your home.

The Backgammon Blitz Game

Once you have made full use of the priming game, turn it immediately into a blitz game. Quickly occupy all remaining points in your home board. This is best done in a way that leaves your opponent's checker or checkers on the bar, unable to get back in.

The Backgammon Backgame

The backgammon backgame is a handy solution when you are not able to extract your anchor from your opponent's side, especially if blocked by your opponent's prime. This time, do not hit your opponent but allow your farthest checkers to get hit. Bide time so that your opponent runs out of good moves and you gain an advantage.

Add these tips to your repertoire of tactics and strategies and incorporate them into your next games.