How to Win at Backgammon

Are you one of those people who think winning at backgammon is largely dependent on the roll of the dice? Think again. The dice may determine the number of moves a player can make, but it is the player's skill that will decide the outcome of the game. Winning at backgammon requires a thorough understanding of the rules, a strategy and lots of practice and flexibility.

If you want to succeed at backgammon, you have to be prepared. You need to study up. Begin with mastering the set-up and the rules of the game. Read gaming instructions thoroughly. There are also books available that can augment or reinforce your knowledge of the rules of the game as well as offer tips on how to play the game well. If reading isn't enough to make you understand how the game is played, you can take advantage of hands-on learning experiences offered online. When you have the rules down pat, it's time for some strategizing.

A playing strategy is essential to winning at backgammon. You need a well thought-out plan of action for every roll of the dice. There are many resources in print and online that provide players with tips and strategies. Players would be wise to familiarize themselves with these strategies and choose those they feel will work for them. Whatever strategy you choose, you need to practice playing with it to see if it fits you and your gaming style.

Remember that practice makes perfect. While playing with a friend can work well, playing against the computer can be even better as the computer only allows legal moves. This way you are sure to be playing backgammon correctly. Also, you can choose different levels of difficulty beginning with easy and slowly progressing to the difficult level. Once you become comfortable with playing, play against others online. It doesn't matter if you keep losing. Keep in mind that you are learning how other players make their moves to win the game.

Paying attention to how others play can go a long way. To win at backgammon, a player needs to be flexible. They need to adapt to the changing scenarios of the game. Study your opponent's moves closely and adapt your strategy to theirs. Different players need to be played differently. An aggressive player requires different tactics than does a cautious one. By becoming more flexible, a player can make winning moves however the game turns out.

Winning at backgammon isn't just a matter of chance. Mastery of the game, a sound playing strategy, countless practice and the ability to adapt to the changing game will make a winner of any novice.